Pre-primary education

English and Sport Pre-School Academy Raketka follows the State Educational Program ISCED 0 and alternative projects.

Education models

English and Sport Pre-School Academy Raketka works with program Step by step.

STEP BY STEP We work at activity centres such as

  • Art Centre
  • Language Literacy Centre
  • Centre of Mathematical Ideas and Puzzles
  • Science Centre
  • Sand and Water Centre
  • Drama Centre
  • Constructive Centre
  • Centre of Cooking
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Music Centre
  • Exercise Centre
Working with LEGO Dacta

LEGO Dacta as an educational tool which supports the natural activation throughout favourite toys (teaching aids), which creates a space for experimental and playful way of cognition.

Development of musicality-music education

Music is in pre-school age is considered to be a form of art that has a direct impact on the development not only of musicality, but also on emotional and cognitive development. The elementary musical skills awaken the relationship to art and cultural values at all. We also work with easy-to-operate musical instruments of the Orff´s instrument collection.

Cooperation with child psychologist, special education teacher and speech therapist
The following activities are under way

Dancing with dance instructor

Creative workshops

Music education

Hocus Lotus English language learning

In case of interest, we carry out the following activities, which are based on the comprehensive development of child´s personality in Nursery School Raketka

Swimming training / pre-scheduled May / June 2016 /

Roller skating