English and Sport Pre-School Academy Raketka

has been devoting to education of children aged 2,5 - 6 years since 2004.  The aim is to create stimulating English environment with emphasis on developing the English language and healthy lifestyle throughout many sports activities.

Priority of Pre-School Academy Raketka

The main priority of Pre-School Academy Raketka is the professional pedagogical care which is provided by the qualified personnel with high education and long track experience in the field of teaching, where they create a nice environment in which children feel comfortable and safe and look forward to each new day in their nursery.

English language by creating a bilingual environment

Sports and tennis preparation


Creative workshops

Music and dancing

profesionálny a individuálny prístup pedagógov

pedagogická diagnostika pokrokov a potrieb dieťatka

moderné pedagogické metódy

denne čestvé ovocie a zelenina

kvalitné zariadenie, didaktický materiál a hračky


English and Sport Pre-School Academy Raketka is located in the premises of the National Tennis Centre, where the all sports tennis training for children are under way.

An easy free parking in the garage of the building is available for parents while taking to and picking children up from the nursery.