Team of Raketka

PaedDr. Mária Kmotríková

Managing Director

Children are magical beings who are honest and spontaneous, and therefore in order to work with them, I decided to study in the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava. After several years of active study and work in the field of marketing communication, management and leadership, and several more years in the field of business as a manager, and after working as a methodologist at the Academy of Education, I decided to apply my knowledge and experience in leading and developing the English and Sport Pre-school Academy, one which has become known for its excellent quality.

Mgr. Dáša Čúzyová

Zástupca riaditeľa, špeciálny pedagóg, logopéd, pedagóg pre primárne vzdelávanie

Bc. Veronika Feniková

Špeciálny pedagóg

Silvia Gratzerová

Asistent pedagóga, stravovanie

Laura Šrobárová

Asistent pedagóga, pohybová príprava

Rudolf Horváth


I graduated from FTVŠ, specializing in tennis.

Daniel Kuruc


I have been working as a tennis coach for 10 years. I have been playing tennis professionally since 7 years old. My goal is to develop and maintain young talents. I graduated from FTVŠ, specializing in tennis.

Lukáš Smoľák

Sport/tennis trainer