Team of Raketka

PaedDr. Mária Kmotríková

Managing Director

Children are magical beings who are honest and spontaneous, and therefore in order to work with them, I decided to study in the Faculty of Education at Comenius University in Bratislava. After several years of active study and work in the field of marketing communication, management and leadership, and several more years in the field of business as a manager, and after working as a methodologist at the Academy of Education, I decided to apply my knowledge and experience in leading and developing the English and Sport Pre-school Academy, one which has become known for its excellent quality.

Mgr. Zuzana Hnatkovičová

Education leader; Team leader of teachers

I am a qualified teacher in the field of Pre-school Education. I try to develop a game, which represents the most natural activity by which children can absorb a vast amount of knowledge, suggestions and experience. During my university study I paid a special attention to hydrokinesiotherapy and to swimming trainings for pre-school children. In kindergarten Raketka I try to achieve a favourable upbringing – educational atmosphere with emphasis put on the development of creativity prior to learning memory in which learning takes place. I look forward to each of children´s achievements.

Mgr. Simona Görögová

English teacher

Som absolventka Filozofickej fakulty Prešovskej univerzity v Prešove v odbore Anglický jazyk a anglofónne kultúry. Pri práci a komunikácii s detičkami využívame počas celého dňa anglický jazyk. Angličtinu sa snažím detičkám vštepovať hravou formou pri edukácii, rôznych tvorivých aktivitách, ako aj počas bežných každodenných situácií. Snažím sa docieliť to, aby detičky vnímali anglický jazyk ako prirodzenú súčasť každodenného života počas pobytu v škôlke.

Eva Kováčová


I have been in touch with Nursery School Raketka since 2009 and I always like to return to look after new little children. I mainly focus on creative activities that are great particularly for development of the fine motor skills, and not least of fantasy. In addition, the children can acquire a lot while constructing and creating. We always enjoy a lot of fun together.

Bc. Ivana Hudecová

Teacher assistant

As an English teacher educated in psychology, I try to initiate children's healthy development in bilingual environment. The choice of activities as well as my approach to children depends on their personality and cognitive, social and motor skills. Children discover this world without prejudice, which I fully support. They should be taught how to think, not what to think.

Kvetka Ivičičová

A person in charge of food and meals

I always smile when I see children making progress and it fills my heart with joy, as well as their appetite for tasty and healthy meals.

Rudolf Horváth


I graduated from FTVŠ, specializing in tennis.

Daniel Kuruc


I have been working as a tennis coach for 10 years. I have been playing tennis professionally since 7 years old. My goal is to develop and maintain young talents. I graduated from FTVŠ, specializing in tennis.

Lukáš Smoľák

Sport/tennis trainer